"How bad does it have to get before somebody cares how I am?" Laura Davies 

This is the question I found myself asking over and over again after the birth of my son.  Just how much pain and suffering do I need to be put through before somebody decides I deserve some help, some care?

How many times do I have to tell people how terrible my birth experience was before somebody takes me seriously?

These questions lead me to creating Care for Mum.

Now it is my new mission in life to support parents before, during & after childbirth

I desperately don't want women to have the experience I had giving birth and as a new mum, frozen in time due to the shock of something awful being inflicted on you, feeling isolated from friends and family because nobody wants to hear the negative story.

I want all parents to be to feel excited, educated, prepared and in control of their birth experience, supported before, during and after the birth of their baby.

I can't cure sleepless nights or tell you exactly what each cry of your new baby means, that is something all parents have to learn... and you will, but it is so much easier to function as a new parent if you haven't been left with a trauma.  Birth changes every parent but it shouldn't impact your health for years to come because of a trauma that could have been avoided.


This is why I chose to become a KG Hypnobirthing teacher.  I completely embrace everything hypnobirthing stands for and I know it works!  It is a very informative antenatal course that will bring you together as a couple, broaden your knowledge of childbirth and what your body is trying to achieve and it will give you the confidence to ask the right questions, empowering you to feel in control of your body and of your birth experience.  There are no negatives, it will only improve your experience of childbirth, whether it is your first baby or your 10th!

Hypnobirthing is just the first step in my new career as a birth worker.  I want to do everything I can to support families through their childbirth journey.  This has lead me onto becoming a Positive Birth Movement facilitator for Northwich.  I didn't know about PBM whilst I was pregnant unfortunately but I love the concept and knew this was the perfect fit for my business so in February I launched my own group.  Not only does it allow me to offer support to families but it also helps keep me abreast of current issues and I am now connected to an amazing network of birth experts world wide and I always say to my hypnobirthing clients that if they have a question, I may not know the answer but I know somebody who will!


Care for Mum

Supporting parents before, during & after childbirth.

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