"People make bad choices if they're mad, scared or stressed."                     Fixer Upper, Bulda, Frozen, Disney

Due the effects PTSD has on the brain, many situations become difficult to navigate, and for some women, almost impossible.  Some of the situations I did and still do struggle with include smear tests, medical appointments and return to work.

As an active member of the Birth Trauma Association facebook group I often see women struggle to attend appointments for debriefs or maternity appointments for subsequent pregnancies.

As an advocate I am completely impartial and not emotionally attached to the situation.  I draw upon a combination of my corporate experience, my hypnobirthing training and my personal experience in similar situations to help mothers navigate these stressful situations.  I can be your ears and voice if you feel you need me to speak up, and afterwards I can use relaxations to help dial down the anxiety.

If you would like to discuss any situation where you feel you would like an advocate please contact me xx


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